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Choose to have iforMarketing set up your Domain & or Hosting, hire iforMarketing to completly manage your website hosting and website maintenance, or scroll to the bottom of this page and click any of the supplied links to start the process and manage your own hosting and still be able to access iforMarketing’s exclusive followers discounts.

Domain & or Website Hosting Set Up

When you are ready to start your new business idea and adventure knowing where to start digitally can be overwhelming!

You can hire iforMarketing to reserach domain names, register your domain, and set up your hosting package. 

The first step is to book an iDiscovery with us to chat about the requirements and steps needed to obtain a Domain name and a hosting package to get your website live.

We can be your “one stop shop” to get started!


Amethyst Branding Package

Website Hosting & Website Maintenance

This is for the person who wants to “leave it to the professionals”. 

iforMarketing can set up your website hosting and take care of your required website maintenance such as updating plugins and creating website back up’s. 

To learn more of what will be required for us to do this for you, book an iDiscovery Session. 


Website Hosting

Throughout the past 16 years I have used numerous hosting companies. SiteGround has proved to be the best option for me that I have experienced! This holds true especially for WORDPRESS users and sites.

No more stressing about your website being hacked, how to back up your site, update your site, and they even include the requirement of SSL Certificate!

Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions and would like to speak about our experience with SiteGround & other hosting companies,

Consider SiteGround for your WEB HOSTING

View their HOSTING Packages and see for yourself how they truly offer everything you require for peace of mind for your website success.

Disclaimer: iforMarketing is an affiliate with SiteGround